PowerShell – Create MySites for all users

I found this script to be the most effective for creating MySites in advance for all users. Source: http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/Pre-Provision-SharePoint-ec781ee9

Import user profile pictures to SharePoint using PowerShell

Best solution to create Automatic UserProfile Import to SharePoint Create folder “ImportProfileImages” Create subfolder “ProfileImages” Create “c:\SPSolutions\ImportProfileImages\UpdateUserProfiles.ps1” with the code from SharePoint Use Cases Create “c:\SPSolutions\ImportProfileImages\RunUpdateUserProfiles.ps1” with this code: Save …

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Open PDF in the browser, in SharePoint

Most places on the web, you get a wrong guidance in how to enable PDFs in SharePoint. The easy and most used method is just to enable “Permissive” rights in the settings …

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