SharePoint 2013 Error When Trying To Create New Page

SharePoint 2013 Error When Trying To Create New Page

I’ve been messing around with the new Design Manager in SharePoint 2013 lately in an effort to see if I could brand SharePoint the way Microsoft tells me, is the new black. So I created a design package and then deployed that package onto my test site. That went well. Then I would see if a production site could use the design package, just as Microsoft had announced. I just never really got to the production site.

All in all, it seems like a great concept of BYOS (Bring You Own Software). I could use Dreamweaver while on my Mac, to edit Masterpages, Page layouts, Styles and Scripts. That is pretty sweet. I did however choose to use a mix of Sublime and NotePad++ for my editing.

The I tried to create a design package and import that to my testing environment. Then, when I tried to create a new publishing page I got this funny error

Invalid field name. {50631c24-1371-4ecf-a5ae-ed41b03f4499}

Hmm That didn’t compute too well. So I tried to figure out what field was missing:

  1. I created this PowerShell script and saved it to “GetFieldGuids.ps1”
    $web = Get-SPWeb http://sp2013dev
    foreach ($field in $web.Fields)
    write-output "Title: $($field.Title) | ID: $($field.Id)"
  2. 2. The I opened PowerShell and ran
    .\GetFieldGuids.ps1 > c:\work\Fields.txt
  3. Did a quick search for the key “1371” and found this little bastard “Hide physical URLs from search”, among the results in the file.
  4. 4. Time to hit Google for a search for “SharePoint Hide physical URLS from search”. I found 2 blogposts:
    1. Nick Pattersons blogpost (, which described exactly what was happening to my site.
    2. BondBytes blogpost (

The Fix



  • Go to the ContentType “Page”
  • Add following Columns from the existing SiteColumns.