Blogging on SharePoint vs WordPress part 2

I tried. I really tried to make good use of SharePoint as my new blogging platform. after 2 months, it still doesn’t feel right. The lack of full screen editing and the feel of a concentrated blogging-platform just got to me. That and my wish for a more green profile on my hosting ad thus, not using my own server but a cloud service won.

Why not Office365?

Office 365 is Microsofts Cloud product for Exchange, SharePoint and Lync. If you know how to use SharePoint, you can get 25 Gb. of E-mail, 10 Gb. og SharePoint and some Lync for $ 6,- a month. Thats pretty cheap. I dare anyone to find more product and space for the same amount of money.

DateDif in SharePoint

The function for calculating the difference between two dates in a calculated column in SharePoint, without counting the weekends: =(DATEDIF([Start Date];[End Date];”D”))-INT(DATEDIF([Start Date];[End Date];”D”)/7)*2-IF((WEEKDAY([End Date])-WEEKDAY([Start Date]))<0;2;0)+1

Upgrade object too new

I recently ran in to som trouble, where my Content af admin database had a newer version than the SharePoint install. The scenario: You are planning to update your SharePoint …

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Blogging on SharePoint vs WordPress part 1

For the first time in my 5-6 years of blogging, I’m not using WordPress. I’ve been a WordPress fan since ver. 1.2 and I never used any other platform. The year 2012 is the year, where I try something else. Now I’m consolidation my 3 running blogs (in danish) to one blog (in english). and I’m trying to do do end up on a SharePoint platform. SharePoint is known for a great many things, but I don’t think tat blogging has ever been one of them. Truthfully, I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

I’m a SharePoint Specialist and have lots of love for the platform. I can bend it most ways I wish. But when it comes to blogging, Microsoft haven’t really paid attention the last few years. When it comes to blogging, SharePoint is very simple. but when it comes to publishing SharePoint can be very complex.