Blogging on SharePoint vs WordPress part 3

This blog has been around the block a few times. I started this blog on a hosted WordPress install at Then, when I decided to close my account with those guys, I thought “why not a local SharePoint Foundation, hosted in my garage”? It sounded like a good idea. That only held up for a few months. Too much adjusting, tweaking and not enough writing and just to much procrastination. Conclusion: I just don’t have that amount of spare time to tinker with design details and features and while SharePoint is a great platform, it’s not for serious blogging.

Password Strength

Password styrke

Funny but very wise cartoon about passwordpolitics. For a computer, a number is, by far the easiest character to brute force. Basicly you only have 10 keys with a number, whereas you have 28 (at least) letter keys.

Lesson: Use more letters in your codes.

Office 365 – New Lower Prices

This was a pleasant surprise to wake up to. Office 365 – New Lower Prices for Office 365. My favorite Cloud servies just got a lot cheaper. Especially the SharePoint …

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Editing hosts file on a Mac

Pretty often, I have a need for editing my hosts file on my Mac. Mostly when i’m moving websites between webservers. This is not a problem on a windows machine, …

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Why and when to choose Open Source

It’s never an easy choice and I’m not about to say that either Drupal, typo3, Tangora or SharePoint will solve all your internal collaboration problems, while making coffee. It all …

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