Stop paying for data migration and syncronization with this amazing free tool from No-Code Solutions

Get ready to sync and migrate data to SharePoint

You wan’t to start migrating data to…

You know that you have a plethora of data in Excel-files, CSV-files, sharepoint lists, sql-databases. and they all need to e perfect when they arrive in SharePoint.

… and from SharePoint.

But you also know that you need to keep those back-end systems up-to-data. So you need the tool that can copy and syncronize data from sharepoint as well.

One tool for everything.

With Fusion from No-Code Solution you get free data copy/sync/migration/deletion…. forever. You don’t need to code anything and you don’t need to invest in expensive tools, that doesn’t deliver.

Fusion brings diversified data together..

Combine sharePoint lists, Excel-files, CSV-files and much more from different sources into one single SharePoint list.

…and chops it all up again.

Split your massive lists into different lists on different SharePoint sites based on your own logic rules. You can even manipulate the data in transit, if you like.

Setup, sync, repeat.

Build your components and save them in one Fusion Job, that you can run on repeat as often as you like. You can sync your data across your entire network of servers every 5 minutes or every day. Just install Fusion on your server and start building Fusion jobs.

This unique application allows us to tackle any project with this ‘Swiss’ boxcutter of information technology, we can create a lot of solutions: Latest project migrated we 350,000 documents from Oracle DB, file system to SharePoint in a few days – awesome speed.

Marco Di Monte – GoalWare

Very Powerful features

Blazing fast

Fusion uses parrallel nodes to transfer data approx. 3 times faster than any other vendor on the market. No throttling.


Create as many jobs and transfer as much as you want as many times as you want. There are no data-limits or price jumps, no matter how much you transfer.

Preview and test

Test all your transfers befor comitting them for the real thing. Get detailed reports of the transfer for analysis and documentation.

Build-in Job server

Using the free build-in job-server, you can repeat the transferjob as often as you like – 24/7.


Sync data with your business applications using SQL, REST, Excel, CSV and other data sources.

No coding

Stop coding extensive and time consuming PowerShell scripts. Build your migration job using as many components as you need.

Free Trial

Get 7 days of full-feature-no-holding-back Fusion functionality. Actually the only difference is filetransfers. The rest is all in the free version allready.

Configure jobs

Build as many jobs, using the power of linking components together for complex data manipulation.


Get help from Fusions own support or from the documentation website.

Compare plans


  • Apply, Reorganize and transform all data types including Managed Metadata, Lookup, Content-Type, Retention Label
  • Schedule tasks, and processes on the build-in unattended Fusion Job Server running as Windows Service
  • Interact with line of business application using CSV, Excel, SQL, ODBC, PowerAutomate
  • Eliminate data-oriented PowerShell coding
  • Create new List from Excel, CSV, SQL, ODBC, or other SharePoint List
  • Manipulate/Update/Transform Items in existing Lists and Libraries
  • Migrate List Items with attachments
  • O365 Retention Labels conditional apply or remove.
  • Content Type conditional apply or remove
  • Excel reports
  • FileShare Inventory
  • Site Collection hierarchy inventory
  • Run Microsoft PowerAutomate flows


Everything in Free, plus:

  • Advanced and conditional File Migration/Sync/Distribution
  • Migrate files from FileShares or any version of SharePoint