365 HQ is a site about SharePoint and Office 365 mainly. I am a freelance SharePoint Consultant and to the best of my knowledge, the information you find on this site has been tested and verified by me.

What i do?

I work with and around SharePoint and have done so since the release of the 2007 edition. Working with a lot of different SharePoint Technologies, I also fill lots of different roles. Here is a brief description of the roles I can fill in a SharePoint Project. Sometimes I do all the roles at once and sometimes I do a combination.

SharePoint Consulting

In my role as a SharePoint Consultant, I work with the client in figuring out what to expect from their SharePoint Solution. I take the Clients side of the table, when my client needs a big solution and does not possess the technical skills to differentiate all the different solutions that are in the market.

Technical Project Manager

In the role as Technical Project Manager, I manage a team of freelancers and are responsible for driving the project home. I am a PRINCE2 certified Project Manager and I make use of the great PRINCE2 model for SharePoint projects.

SharePoint Infrastructure Consulting

In the role as SharePoint Infrastructure Consultant, I do all the things that make SharePoint run efficiently. That means sometimes I consolidate multiple farms into one or I Analyze a SharePoint installation and document the whole Farm from top to bottom. I install and configure SharePoint Farms to the specifications, the client gives me. In short, that means that, this is where I get inside the engine room and tune all the parts that make a SharePoint farm run.

SharePoint Frontend Developer

In the role as SharePoint Frontend Developer, I take a design and make it happen in SharePoint. I code, style and configure web parts, pages, templates etc. to create a complete Intranet, ready for usage by the users, editors and employees. I code all the bits that make up a SharePoint Intranet. I create and maintain SharePoint on-prem and SharePoint Online in Office 365.