As you’ve might have noticed, if you are a regular reader. The site has moved. During the weekend I’ve done some consolidating work. that means that is now a part of the english part of

For now the site is using the Divi theme from The design will be updated some time in the near future. Divi is a WordPress theme We’ve been using at for a while now.

Office 365 HQ

This site contains and are going to contain all the information, tips & tricks that Kenneth and I can gather. We are going to blog in both english and Danish. Not all posts will be translated. Well pretty much only a few posts are going to be translated. Why not, you may ask. Simple. Blogging is time-consuming and translations even more so.

The move itself took some time. All posts from the old domain and structure has been redirected to the new domain and a new structure. That took a while. Other than that, WordPress is a fairly easy system to move around and consolidate. As someone who works with SharePoint on a daily basis, WordPress is simple.

The Podcast

The Office 365 HQ Podcast is a Danish podcast, where Kenneth and I talk about all things related to Microsoft’s Office 365.

Konsulent Fabrikken

The company Kenneth and I created almost one year ago. This is our baby and we work tirelessly every day to provide the best in SharePoint and Infrastructure consulting. We belive in sharing information and my hope is that this blog will continue to grow.

Get In The Sky

My old Company “Get In The Sky” is now in the process of closing down and therefore I will be going through a content-revision during the next few months.