Create folder and copy a file to that folder in SharePoint Designer Workflow

In this Video I will show how you can create a simple project folder and the copy a template file into that folder. The idea came from a comment on this blogpost, that shows more in-depth how to create folders and subfolders. If you like the video or have questions, leave me a note in the comment section.

Step By Step guide

  1. Create a Column called “Destination” on the “Documents” Library that holds the template file
  2. Create a Column called “Destination” on the “Project Documents” Library that holds all the project folders
  3. Create a SharePoint Designer workflow that updates the template file when it arrives at the “Project Documents” Library
  4. Create or tweak you Workflow that creates the project folder so that it:
    1. Updates the template file
    2. Copies the template file
    3. Sets the template file back to normal

15 thoughts on “Create folder and copy a file to that folder in SharePoint Designer Workflow”

  1. Hi Ulrich,

    I have been through your video again and I can see that you are using Office 365 and document libraries so the only difference must be that I am using a document set?

    • Hi Ulrich,

      I eventually found time to look at this again. I can confirm that your method works with Document sets as well as folders. My mistake was not using a 2010 workflow as SharePoint Online only seems to execute 2010 workflows when a workflow creates a new document item in a library, 2013 don’t even if the workflow is flagged to execute when a new library item is created.


  2. We have SP 2013 with SPD 2010 workflow. I tried all the steps without any luck. Are you positive I can move a file into a folder of another document library using a SP 2010 workflow? We keep having issues with updating “Path and Name”.

    How does the template “Title” field get populated? I see that you’re populating the “Destination” column with the “current item:Title” value. Thanks!

    • Hi Beau

      Thank you for your question. I am very positive this works. But remember a few things:

      1. I am copying the file, not moving
      2. “Path and name” needs a destination column that has content in it.
      3. “Title” should allready be set in the template file.

      I hope you get it to Work.

      Best regards, Ulrich

      • Thanks for your quick response! I’m still having issues getting it to work. Has anybody tried this with a SharePoint 2010 workflow all the way through? In the video, half of the process is configured using SharePoint 2013 workflow. I can get the new folder created but I’m unable to get the “template” file to copy to the Project Documents library and then move into the new folder I created. I get the following message, “The workflow could not copy the item. Make sure the source and destination lists have the same columns and column settings.” I have the Destination column being populated with the title of the “template” document. Any help appreciated, thanks!

  3. Hi, I’m trying to perform a weekly task to copy a file into a folder in the same document library, and update the name of the copied file. Is that possible?

    • Depending on your platform, there are several ways to go about this. You could write a powershellscript that does that. You could set a waiting period on your workflow. So the workflow runs, the waits 7 days, starts another instance of the same workflow and the closes down. Then it will seem like it runs every 7 days, bu it just runs once, waits for 7 days and the runs another Workflow and shuts down. The second workflow needs the same behavior offcource.

      • I could perform the same actions in 2 different stages of the workflow wherein each of them waited for 7 days and transitioned to the other stage. However, what I need to do is when once the workflow is triggered on an item, in each stage, it should first create a copy then move that copy into a folder at the root. What I’m able to do now is create a copy and move ‘the’ item into the folder, which isn’t what I want. How can I deal with this?

  4. am not clear with somethings like for what purpose you have used that Projects list?for giving name to folder inside the projectDocument Library?if is it so then can’t we achive the same without that List?

  5. Hi Ulrich,
    Your video is indeed helpful, however, in a case where sharepoint is integrated with CRM, and folders are created using CRM, is there a way to copy files (One Note and Excel files) from Document Library (Templates) to the Project folder (This folder is created when a project is created in CRM) that is created under Projects Library?

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