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Author: Ulrich Gerting Bojko

Moving day

As you’ve might have noticed, if you are a regular reader. The site has moved. During the weekend I’ve done some consolidating work. that means that is now a part of the english part of For now the site is using the Divi theme from The design will be updated some time in the near future.┬áDivi is a WordPress theme We’ve been using at for a while now. Office 365 HQ This site contains and are going to contain all the information, tips & tricks that Kenneth and I can gather. We are going to...

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Get Windows 7, 8 of Windows 10 (bootcamp) to Recognize a Thunderbolt-to-Ethernet Adapter

Note: This is a bit off-topic from my usual SharePoint ramblings, but I just needed to archive this information and most likely I’m not the only one with this issue. I use a Mac, but have Windows 10 installed via bootcamp. That is not always without issues and don’t even get me started with battery life. Somehow I suspecting Apple to have written a faulty driver on purpose, so Windows will burn through the battery faster than OS X will. Another issue with using windows on a Mac via Bootcamp, is the Ethernet adapter is not installer as part...

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Update SharePoint groups in all webs in a SiteCollection using PowerShell

Say you have a ton of subwebs in a sitecollection. Each web have unique permissions and unique groups. You would like to update alle membergroups to have Contribute permissions, instead of Edit permissions. If you need to update all ownergroups or visitorgroups, just change the script accordingly. You do it like this: [ps] Get the URL of your SiteCollection $site = Get-SPSite #Go through each site foreach ($web in $site.AllWebs) { # Get the Member group of the current site $group = $web.Groups | Where {$_.Name -Like ‘Member*’} echo $group.Name $ra = $group.ParentWeb.RoleAssignments.GetAssignmentByPrincipal($group) # Define the permissionlevel you...

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Moving a SharePoint Document library to a new SiteCollection via PowerShell

Case Recently I ran into a typical SharePoint problem. A SharePoint 2010 site exploded in storage usage. Users was uploading like crazy to one single document library and I needed to move the document library and a few lists to a new site on a new SiteCollection. The source site, was build on a SiteTemplate, that the client no longer had access to. That meant, that a traditional backup/restore didn’t work. I needed to export/import the single Document library and lists one-by-one. According to Microsoft Best Practise (Which you almost/sometimes always should follow) you have to keep the size...

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Enable versioning on all SharePoint Document Libraries in a Site Collection

Enabling versioning on all document libraries in a site collection or disabling versioning is often quite useful. [ps] Write-Host Loading the SharePoint Powershell Snapin Load Snapins if ((Get-PSSnapin "Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) -eq $null) { Add-PSSnapin "Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell" } Write-Host "Starting to update lists and Libraries" $webs = get-spsite | get-spweb -Limit All foreach ($web in $webs) { Write-Host "Updating Site" $web -foregroundcolor Black -backgroundcolor Yellow foreach ($list in $web.lists) { Write-Host "Looking at list $list" if ($list.BaseType -eq "DocumentLibrary" -and $list.BaseTemplate -eq "DocumentLibrary") { Write-Host "Updating list $list" -foregroundcolor Black -backgroundcolor Green $list.EnableVersioning = $true; $list.EnableMinorVersions = $false; $list.EnableModeration...

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